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           In the world of Zero, the players play as the pilots who master
         high-tech weapons, fighting in the immense universe. Shuttling
      between the numerous galaxies, the units of various forms and
    functions are navigated by the pilots to fight against ferocious
alien enemies.

           Time to introduce a new type of skill! You can now fuse your
         unit with the ARMs; the Fusion Skill. You will see with your
      own eyes that technology really is full of surprises. It is not but
     a dream for you to own an awesome Fusion unit any more.

           Both Infantry and Artillery units can transform into various
         units ranging from a powerful gun to a dinosaur. Each
      transformation not only changes your shape, but can reinforce
    your strength, provide a wider attack range or a faster attack
speed, etc.

            A.R.M. (Automated Reserve Mech) is a kind of unit. You can
         have two ARMs with you at most. Then you will have 3
       units at the same time. You can set anyone of them as the
     main unit and the other two will be your ARMs.

            Androids in Zero Online are a special class of Units.
         Androids have their own level and gear system. You can
       add bonus to their Weapons, Armors, Engines, HP and
     DF Modules and socket the Androids as well.

            The core system is one of Zero's features. There are
         10 core types and one special core in the game.
      Each type has an exclusive core program and features.

            Fleets are larger than squads. Although they do not
         share potency, they provide an extended family of
       sorts which is something of great value out in the Big

             With the advent of the Human Genetic Engineering
         System, pilots' attributes will be greatly strengthened
      and their Unit Potency will increase as a result.

             The R & D Center has 5 functions: socket cores, socket
         gears, swap No.0 Core, upgrade C.A.P (Crystal Amplified
      Potency), and upgrade Modules. The center can only be
     opened when you are in the market.

            In Zero, there is a myriad of mysteries waiting for
         you to explore like the breathtaking spaceship missions
       which challenge your ability to command your units.

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