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Weekend Event - Double EXP & Cores & Crystals

Author: Views: Time: Feb 02 2012 18:40:54


February 4th – 5th


All levels


Double EXP, 150% Crystal drop rate, 120% Core drop rate

From February 4th to 5th, in addition to the Routine Weekend Event coming, we will prepare a Double EXP & Crystals & Cores event for all our loyal players.

All online players will be able to enjoy free Double EXP! To be exact, you can get 200% experience from killing enemies. What's more, we strongly suggest you use a Double EXP Potion during this weekend. You will gain Quad experience! You’ve never imagined leveling up this fast!

You might have heard that enemies above level 100 may drop cores if eliminated. It can greatly upgrade your unit's attributes. Meanwhile, you can try to gain more crystals for upgrading your C.A.P. quickly.

Don't forget to login to the game, where you will get +50% crystal drops and +20% core drops from killing enemies! Don't miss out on this amazing chance to get as many cores and crystals as you want!

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck to all of you!

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