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Credit More, Get More!

Source: Official Views: Time: Nov 16 2011 00:03:54

Greetings, ZO players! One of the biggest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving, is just around the corner! To celebrate this holiday, and thank you for your great support, ZO has prepared some fun in-game and off-game events, for all our players!

During this holiday, all of you can earn extra ZPs by crediting your TQ Codes! The more you credit, the more you can get!

Duration: Nov. 16th – Dec. 5th

You will be able to claim 500 ZPs (Bound) on the event page the first time you credit $15.99 to your ZO character during this event. After that, you can get a free Lottery Ticket for every $7.99 you credit! You will have the chance to win Ultra weapons and gear, Dark Stars, and so much more by using these Lottery Tickets in-game!


1. Each character can only claim 500 ZPs (Bound) once.
2. There is no limit on the number of Lottery Tickets you can earn.

Good luck, and have a happy Thanksgiving!