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[ZSZP] Friendship Created by ZO

Author: Views: Time: Feb 24 2009 19:56:53


I found a real friend here in ZO, his name is azumiie.

It started when I'm finding an apprentice in Steel Warship, and I PMed everyone in steel warship whether they have a mentor or not.

I found a mech near the cap NPC, I was intrigue cuz of his name, his name is azumiie a Japanese name.

I really like Japanese people that's why I pmed him and I ask him whether he has a mentor, well he answered me "yeah but his not always online" so I teached him how to kick his mentor ^_^ !
So I've teached him many things about ZO, I always gives him information he needs to know about this game. He told me that he needs gold to make his mech a knight, so I've sold my gold and I always deliver crystals for him so he can have many gold.

Well it's fare you know! He's buying the gold for 9 zps for 1M. It's a fine price, it's ok if I give small discount, i need zp too. Well azumiie is so kind to me, can't accept all his grace. And he just
gave me 136 zps for a new avatar, well it's a very big amount of zps, even the riches man in ZO will not give 136 zps to a noob like me.

I really appreciate what he done for me, well I'm poor I only play ZO without buying zp in real life, in azumiie's case he's not really rich person, he's more like a good person to me.

He asked me last time whether there is an ultra which I like, well there is an ultra that I've always like but i can't take the zp that he will give me.
I've read this in a book "It's better to have nothing than to take someones life for the sake of my wants" ^_^

Well zp is like a LIFE in Zero Online, a guy without zp is a guy without life, well for short the guy is a noob can't buy any items in booth or in ZP Mall ^_^

This is one of my experience in ZO. ZO makes not only war, Friends too! Even if its just a game we can still make friends, friendship is not like a game, that can be restart and played anytime we want,
we always remember the person even if the guy who pked me ^_^ , even if were million miles away.

Thanks for reading hope you get a friend, try to gain their trust ^_^

Cya in the game.

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