Patch 2823 to Be Release on November 27th
Source: Official Views: Time: 11-24-2008

We would like to announce that patch 2823 will be released at 00:01 on November 27th, 2008 PST (GMT-8). With this patch, you can enjoy the features as below:

New Features
1. Space Teleport System
Players whose potency ranks at top 50 of any server will be authorized to be instantly teleported to their friends, apprentices, trade partners, fleet members, squad members and enemies.
2. Cabin Arrangement
You can help other players to tidy up their inner cabin. It will be a new way for you to make profits.
3. Bug-form Transformation
Medical infantry units can learn new skills and transform into bug-forms: Mecha Mantis, Waspitron, Dracoscythe, Locustblade, Scarabtron and Scorpitron.
4. New Spacecraft Missions
S14 Fortress*
and Open Sesame* missions will be available.
5. Anti-bots System
In order to prevent using bots, you are needed to solve some simple arithmetic problems during playing the game (except on Steel Warship).
If you get the right answer to the question, you will be awarded some EXP or Sapphires. If you can't correctly answer or miss the questions for 3 times in a row within the time limit, you will be sent to the Bot Jail.

Modified Settings
1. Unit's supreme level will be upgraded to level 188.
2. Players will have 10 more lottery chances each day.
3. Gladiators* mission will be suspended.

If the auto-patching cannot work for you, please download and install the patches manually to update your client to the latest version.