Thanksgiving Carnival (Nov.27th - 28th)
Source: Official Views: Time: 11-24-2008

 Time  November 27th - 28th
 Level  Above Level 80
 Position  Steel Warship
 NPC  Gift Manager Annie (Steel Warship 263,908)
 Reward  Alliance Gift

No gains without pains. The Alliance is always so bountiful, isn't it?
But for you guys' devotion to this universal war during the past year, we, together with all our allied planets, will be under the control of the Othello.

Now, Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! Let's forget about the war for the time being, will you? The Alliance has prepared a carnival for all of us this year!


A carnival means party and what? Bingo! Gifts!
During this Thanksgiving Day, there will be a huge red box on Steel Warship, which is full of various kinds of gifts! What can you get from it? Just come and try your luck every one hour! On top of that, make sure you've reached level 80.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!