Patch 2776 to Be Released on Dec 26 at 00:00 PST
Source: Official Views: Time: 12-25-2007

We are very glad to announce that patch 2776 will be released on Dec 26 at 00:00 PST (GMT-8). With this patch, you can enjoy the changes as below:

1. Overlapped interfaces:
a. R & D Center;
b. Mission button and Crystal button.
2. Client clashed when cabin or R & D Center is opened;
3. Translation mistakes about military ranks;
4. Chinese interfaces:
a. Team;
b. Melee skills;
c. Claim prizes;
d. Superaddition.

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If the auto-patching does not work for you, please download and install the manual patches to update your client to the latest version.

Thanks for your continued support!